V-1SDI is a flexible and versatile video switcher that makes it easy to connect and switch camera playback sources with HDMI sources such as cameras, smart phones, computers, tablets, Blu-ray players.

Compact and portable, the V-1SDI ensures professional switching results with its easy to use hardware and interface.

With support for 3G-SDI, the V-1SDI can operate at full 1080p resolution and can take advantage of the longer cable distance of SDI making this compact solution suitable for events and applications in even large spaces with the most professional level of SDI camera sources.

Webcasters and videographers with SDI cameras can create professional quality content simply and effectively with the V-1SDI.

The V-1SDI’s support of SDI for long-distance camera connections as well as RS-232 for control from system controllers make it ideal for fixed installations.

The V-1SDI’s compact and portable size makes it easy to support live event switching no matter the size or location of the venue.


For purchase or hire of the V-1SDI 3G-SDI VIDEO SWITCHER contact us on 08948833663G-SDI V-1SDI Video switcher


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