Co2 & Confetti

Want real bang for your buck?

TLS Productions can supply an impressive range of theatrical pyrotechnics and aerotechnics technology to impress and excite.

With fully accredited and licensed technicians, our team can design, supply and execute an explosive pyrotechnics and aerotechnics display that will provide the fiery flamboyance and surprise impact to leave your audience with a memorable experience.

We provide a large range of pyrotechinc effects including gerbs (large sparklers), coloured smokes and fire flashes and can customise a dazzling display to your specifications.

Our aerotechnics effects, which use compressed air to shoot confetti or streamers high into the air, are equally impressive and can add a dynamic climax to your special presentation.

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Contact TLS Productions to discuss how we can design an impressive display strategically coordinated into your special event.

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